Teeth whitening Pure Whitening

Gentle teeth whitening with guaranteed results that last forever

Radiant smile in just 21 days

Guaranteed results that last

Gentle teeth whitening method

Put an end to photo retouching and start giving confident smiles! Pure Whitening is the only teeth whitening method that guarantees permanent results, regardless of their original shade. Comfortably and gently, without damaging tooth enamel or gums.

Pure Whitening is a combined method of whitening. You will experience whitening both in our office and at home with a professional whitening kit. This ensures great and, most importantly, lasting results. Unlike other whitening methods, you also don't have to give up your favorite morning coffee or evening glass of red wine. Just occasionally re-brighten your smile with the home whitening kit.

In two weeks, you'll finally be smiling with confidence!

We will brighten your smile too!

With a confident smile, you always make the best impression, both in a business meeting and a private appointment.

How does teeth whitening
with Pure Whitening work?

The entire whitening process takes 21 days, during which we'll meet three times at our clinic.


First, you will undergo dental hygiene and have impressions of your teeth taken. Based on these, we will have custom trays made for your at-home whitening.


At your second visit, once the prepared trays arrive from the laboratory, you will receive a home whitening kit from us. This includes the trays and a whitening gel. We will show and explain everything to you and also take photos of your teeth, so we can compare the results at the end of the treatment.


The at-home whitening will last two weeks. Each evening, you will apply the gel into the trays, fit them onto your teeth, and leave them on overnight.


After two weeks, we'll meet at our clinic for the in-office whitening. This involves three 15-minute whitening cycles.


We will compare the before and after photos, evaluate the results, and you can enjoy your radiant smile!


The home whitening kit will remain with you, and you can use it to re-brighten your smile anytime.